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Our People

We are a diverse community of life scientists from around the world. United by passionate curiosity and dedication to discovery, we believe that learning never stops.
Curiosity and Creativity
We embrace ideas that make us wonder,questions that challenge our assumptions, and perspectives that shift our thinking.
Collaboration and Community
We believe collaboration is the key to pushing scientific discovery forward.
Learning and Teaching
We nurture the next generation of scientific minds.
Research Associate I
Postdoctoral Scholar
Administrative Assistant
Research Associate II
Postdoctoral Scholar
Research Scientist
Director, Principal Investigator
Staff Research Scientist
Graduate Student
Administrative Program Manager
Postdoctoral Fellow
Scientific Program Leader
Staff Research Scientist
Scientific Program Leader
Research Scientist
Our alumni have fanned out all over the world. They are professors, doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs. Many remain close collaborators.

Postdoctoral Fellows Supervised

Gili Aviv, PhD
Alexandra Cambier, PhD
Gregory Camus, PhD
Sungyoo Cho, PhD
Ryan Conrad, PhD
Mingjian Fei, PhD
Krystal Fontaine, PhD
Eva Herker, PhD
Claudia Hetzer-Egger, PhD
Andrew Kondratowicz, PhD
Hye-Sook Kwon, PhD
Anne Langkilde, PhD
Pao-Chen Li, PhD
Danielle Lyons, PhD
Nathan Meyers, PhD
Sara Pagans
Holly Ramage, PhD
Kathrin Roesch, PhD
Naoki Sakane, PhD
Martina Schweiger, PhD
Camille Simoneau, PhD
Olivia Sims, PhD
Frank Soveg, PhD
Sakshi Tomar, PhD
Albert Vallejo-Gracia, PhD
Dorothy Vogt, PhD

Predoctoral Students Supervised

Ibraheem Ali
Kerstin Bartscherer
Jesse Chen
Darya Cheng
Ryan Conrad
Thomas Conrad
Cristina Coronado
Tessa Divita
Wilma Dormeyer
Alexander Dörr
Parinaz Fozouni
Benedikt Fritzsching
Stacey Frumm
Ruth Getachew
Emily Gogoll
Alexandra Greer
Amy Heidersbach
Abigail Hintermeister
Philip Hull
Helen Hwang
Mark Jeng
Kyriacos Koupparis
Philipp Kurz
Kristoffer Leon
Sebastian Luksch
Lily Mak
Zakithi Mkhize
Christopher Nelson
Jenny Qi
Sebastian Schroeder
Björn Schwer
Anja Speyerer
Stephanie Stephens
Adrienne Stormo
Jessica Wu
Orlando Zepeda
Connected Globally

Our alumni have fanned out all over the world.
They are professors, doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs. Many remain close collaborators.